Art versus Anxiety

Yesterday, I read a post by my blogger friend, Shinjini, about ways to fight anxiety. As I read it, I was transported back to the time when I, too, was battling anxiety and how it had affected every aspect of my life.

It was in 2014 that I started drawing, albeit sporadically.

I didn’t realise then how those art sessions were making me feel happy and less stressed. But, I came alive while making those simple pencil sketches. 

It was only in 2018, after my GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) was detected, that I realised I needed art in my life way more than I had imagined. 

Last year, when the pandemic hit the entire world and we all went into panic mode over the uncertainty that lay ahead of us, I unconsciously made art my saviour. There was not much else to do except stay indoors and entertain oneself, keep the mind occupied with something positive. And, what better than art to do just that! 

Out came my sketch book and my pens and pencils and I began drawing mandala and ink artworks with a lot of detailing, almost everyday. Intricate patterns became my favourite and my art sessions became an important part of my everyday schedule.

Art has that power to transport you into another world—a world where you don’t feel any anxiety or anger about the life around you, where you are focused only on the artwork in front of you. The time you spend on your artwork are, in fact, some of the best moments of your day. Have you experienced it?

It doesn’t need much preparation, really. All you need is a paper, a pen or a pencil and you can just begin. 

Doodling is the best way to make a beginning. 

Just let the pencil guide you, depict all that your mind conjures and give you a few moments of sheer bliss.

Those few moments when you aren’t thinking about anything frightening are when your mind is at peace. The art that you make gives your mind something positive to think about and that is the best medicine to treat anxiety.

Developing it into a habit will help in the long run and, like me, you won’t realise when art becomes an important part of your survival kit!

I share today some of the artworks in ink that I made last year.

They took a lot of time, but they left me feeling less anxious, less panicky, more peaceful and accepting of life. 


Art versus Anxiety
Kathakali dancer in Ink


Art versus Anxiety
Aum, in ink


Art versus anxiety
The Enlightened One, in Ink

Red Indian Girl in Ink

I came across this Red Indian girl on Google while surfing for some inspiration for ink art.

The intricate headgear with the feathers and the embroidery looked rather complicated, but I am happy I went ahead and created it.

The human face needs working, but I liked the headgear. Satisfied with my work. 🙂

What do you think about it?

Do share with me in the comments what you would like me to create with my ink pens.


Red Indian beauty

Horse in ink

Horses are such magnificent creatures! Majestic, graceful, gentle, playful, loving, protective.

Trying to add to their beauty through my art.

This week’s artwork created using ink pens and 6B pencil for shading on cartridge paper.

This one’s for sale. So, if you would like to own this beauty, please get in touch with me through the contact form.

Horse in ink, by Shilpa G.
Horse in ink. Original artwork. Please do not copy.

My latest hobby: Water Colour Painting

Some days ago, I was given a chance to attempt water colour painting in an art assignment. I failed to deliver as I had not worked with this medium earlier.

It was heartbreaking, realising that I couldn’t deliver, but it also taught me a lesson: To look at every failure as a chance to learn something about life and about myself.

So, without feeling too bad about myself, I decided to take up water colour painting and add it to my repertoire.

I started with the basic wash, and I would like to think I did pretty well, despite being a beginner.

Here it is.

I used it as a background for a Mandala I drew in black ink.

I have used golden poster colour to give it some shine.

I came across this artist named, Makoccino, on YouTube to learn the basics of water colour painting. Do check her out. I liked her simple method of explaining water colour painting.


Water Colour Painting

Food Illustrations in Pencil Colours

Last month, I created some food illustrations in pencil colours in my sketch book.

It was just something I was curious about, but the first picture I drew got me hooked to the genre!

Sharing today, some of my favourite ones here:


Paper: Acid free sketchbook sheets in 160 gms

Size of sheet: 5.5 in X 8 in

Medium: Pencil colours


Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours Food illustrations in pencil colours

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